The Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) Futsal Department has released a 30-man pre-squad list for the national team’s preparation towards the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC)’s Invitational Tournament in September.

VFF’s Futsal development officer, Benny Hungai, acknowledged players who turned up for trials. He added that there were a lot of potential players however it is an OFC’s requirement to have only 30 players in the pre-squad selection.

Mr. Hungai encouraged players not selected to always keep their head up and continue to work hard for a space in future trials. He is appealing to players selected to focus on preparations, as they will be working hard towards the upcoming tournament, including the OFC World Cup 2023 qualifiers in December.

A briefing also took place with selected players towards training sessions and requirements needed. VFF confirmed that a final selection will be released in August.

Below is a list of the 30-man pre-squad:


Anthony Christopher Quai (Huka FC)

Rodolph Vira (UNV FC)

Terry Norman (Greenstone FC)

Maky Batick (Mao FC)

Ervan Poilapa (Hornets FC)


Athanas Vano (Real Seaside)

Kerol Alex (T-United)

Michel Koulon (Hornets FC)

Yasin Peru

Ritchie Toka (Huka FC)

Jason Bule (N/Efate FC)

Ronaldo Wilkins (TAFEA FC)

Sopuso M (Mala FC)


David Bule (Real Seaside FC)

Sandy Mesau (T-United FC)

Andes Tabeva (Aims FC)

Alberth Tho (Mao FC)

Kemly Lehi (Greenstone FC)

Gabriel Andre (Southern Legion FC)

Jordy Tasip (Southern Legion FC)

Jayden Kalangis (Huka FC)

Andes M (Dyork FC)

Junior Jhonson (Real Seaside FC)

Jhon Obed (Hornets FC)


Bill Tamuri (UNV FC)

Righdley Napau (Aims FC)

Kevin Dick (Greenstone FC)

Alick Pierre (MaurI FC)

Jean Claude Tahireveio (Mauri FC)

Morson Louis (Aims FC)

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