Hem ia sam aksen blong tufala Tim long gem blong yestede. Foto: Adele Willie

Namba 2 dei blong MSG Prime Minister’s (PM) Cup 2022 hemi kik off long 3 o’klok taem i lukim Vanuatu Developmen Tim (VDT) hemi ple agensem Vanuatu Tim (VT) long Korman Stedium.

Gem ia hemi interesting from hemi fes taem bakegen long wan bigfala kompetisen olsem ia we tu tim blong Vanuatu i ple agensem tufala. Kraod blong yestede hemi lukim wan hae namba blo ol sapota, komperem wetem opening blong gem long las wiken we i lukim plante wokman oli tekem smol taem aot blong go watj.

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