The Ministry of Youth and Sport (MOYS) opened a new office of The Vanuatu National Youth Authority board (VNYAB) yesterday at the National fitness and evacuation center.

The MOYS has funded VUV 5,000,000 for the establishment of a new office of VNYAB this year.

Prime Minister Bob Loughman is very proud of the new achievement his government has made and he affirmed that his government will make sure the new board will apply every actions to develop youths in Vanuatu.

“I am so proud to witness the launching of the Vanuatu National Youth Authority Board and the opening of their new office. My government will make sure that every youths in Vanuatu will received the services they need to excel in Vanuatu”, he said.

The minister of Youth and sport Willie Satearoto said: “This new body will support the government priorities such as the decentralization of the services to all the province. We want let the young people understand that they are important for this country”.

VNYAB new office is a temporary establishment and the government is looking to move the office to a permanent office once it is ready.

VNYAB CEO Vira Tavaikalo explained the responsibilities of his office.

“VNYAB will manage, guide the services provides by the Vanuatu Youth agencies, we will make sure that all the services provided are in line with the government priorities and also we will make sure that those services will every youths not only those in the two town but also those who lives in the rural areas”, he confirmed.


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