Action between Ifira and Tafea FC. Photo: PVFA

Port Vila Premier league (PL) table indicates the effort and hard work that each teams put in during the season.

Mauriki FC, North Efate United FC and Tupuji Imere FC claim the first and the second position on the PL table with couple of points difference. Mauriki, Tupuji and Yatel have 13 points each on the table. They are then separated by their different goal differences.

Yesterday was a deciding match and the result of the match will decide who is getting the first place of the PL. North Efate United FC was on the top of the table with 14 points while Ifira Black bird has 11 points and they are fifth in the table.

Ifira Black Bird FC defeated Tafea FC yesterday and added three points to his account which made it 14 points. But as Ifira BB has a goal difference of + 9 more than North EU +6, Ifira BB is now the new leader of the PL.

The Port Vila Football Association Competition Manager Moise Poida was proud of the outcome of the competition and he explained that this season is and will be different from all the past season. It is different because every teams can win can also be defeated.

“We can prove it with the PL table points, each teams have only one or two point’s differences which means that any team could become the PL champion this season compare to the last seasons where only Galaxy FC or Tafea FC are the favorite for the champion’s title. All the teams are smart and competitive and any things can happen at this point which is good for our football. Our football is progressing”, he said.


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