Following a total of 20 stages from Day One and Two team of Julien Lenglet and Dimitri Russet were overall winners of Devils Point Rally.

The duo were also identified after two rally events this year. July at the Bellevue Race and November Devils Point Race.

Pierre Henri Brunet and Mathieu Laurent were runners up and duo Nelson Law and Victor Korikalo finished in third place.

Automobile Club de Port Vila(ACPV) Rally Marketing Officer, Anthony Korikalo said: “So the turnout was massive, great weekend. especially having three events happening at the same time, Push bike race, Kids Quad and Motorbike, Adult rally race and buggy race.”

Mr Korikalo was also impressed with the women’s participation.

“The ACPV Rally committee is proud to see more women volunteering and also taking part. One woman competed in three events, Polina K - Quad bike race, Bicycle race and buggy race, she won the best most Brave award,” he said.

“A lot of families enjoyed themselves as the kids got to finally race on a proper track.”

Despite the heavy rain on Saturday which causes the slow start in day one, participants regrouped on the second day on Sunday and battled it out.

Korikalo said the rally competition was very tough. Day 1 the track was flooded a lot of vehicles had issues from water getting inside the engines. As they day went on, they managed to dry it out.

“The night stage was Fun. Day 2 was the turnaround point for many of the team, they all competed strongly however Julien Lenglet team was just too good and won the overall 2021 championship finishing with the fastest time throughout most of the stages,” Korikalo added.


Jake Kelly won the Kids Bike and quad race followed by Noah Dinh in second place and Collin Kelly settled in third place.

For the women’s division Polina Khoroshko won first place and Melissa Galinie settled in second place.

Stephane Langa is adult men motorbike winner.

For the Buggy competition Michael McLennan won first prize and Polina Khoroshko settled in second place.

For the quad race Thomas Garin took home first prize while Miun Bangalulu settled in second place.


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