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iCount Yatel FC unveils new home and away kit for 2021-2022 season. Photo: iCount Yatel FC

ICount Yatel FC unveiled its home and away kit on Saturday, November 6 2021.

The kits all feature the club name written out across the back top and iCount with its logo featuring significantly at the front and back. Manufactured in Australia, the final product looked nothing short of perfect product with quality touches. The team is known for its traditional navy blue and white and the home kit is a testament to this. Club President, Mr. John Stephens Tougon is very pleased with the kits and has conveyed the club’s gratitude to Mr. Daniel Agius as director of iCount Ltd for his continued support as the club’s major sponsor.

Additionally, he welcomed VIMB Ltd as a co-sponsor of the team and the Cub couldn’t me more grateful for this. He urged the players to always play with pride and confidence and to win.

iCount Yatel FC currently competes at the Port Vila Football Association’s Premier League and is amongst the top four teams fighting to win the championship title at the end of the season.

Mr. Tougon is also calling on supporters to continue to give their unwavering support towards the team. “It is a great feeling to see that supporters are starting to fill the stadium each time the team plays and I am thankful for that,” he said.

-iCount Yatel FC


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