Hawkes battle Manarokesa to the final whistle

Hawkes goal defender jumps to intercept a long pass to Manarokesas goal attacker

Last Saturday saw a number of forfeit in the Port Vila Netball Association (PVNA) Championship.

Hawkes forfeited Siaraga, USP forfeited Tafea and Manarokesa forfeited Ifira.

Ambassadors and Buluana both did not turn up with enough players so their match will be played on another date yet to be confirmed.

Since netball games were disrupted for the last three weeks due to PENAMA day mix tournament and two weekends of heavy rain, a lot of teams have outstanding games to play.

Hawkes and Manaro Kesa decided to make use of the good weather and play their match which was cancelled two weeks ago due to heavy rain.

The match got off to a quick start with both teams trying to make the use of all scoring opportunities. As the game got under way, Hawkes seemed to make the best of things and managed to gain their lead through shooters, Graciana Tari and Vasimata.

In the third quarter, Manarokesa seemed to make a few changes and swapped their goal defender Raylin with their goal shooter Joane, the girls in white and green also banked on the errors of the Hawkes and narrowed the scoreline to 20-19 by the end of the third quarter.

In the final quarter, Hakwes showed determination and made sure things went their way, though the fresh legs in the shooting circle, however through great defence from Roneslin Tavoa, Hawkes claimed victory by 27-25.

Hawkes captain Graciana Tari was glad to they won.

According to the PVNA executive, all championship games are to be completed by next week.


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