Galaxy FC bae I mitim Urpiv FC

Wan grup pija blong Galaxy FC tim blong ol woman. Foto: Galaxy FC

Galaxy tim blong olgeta woman i ripresentem Port Vila Futbol Assosiesen (PVFA) long Lik Kompetisen blong ol Woman, long Luganville, Santo.

Tim i kompos long 16 original pleya blong Galaxy, wetem help blong 6 pleya blong Erakor Golden Star FC.

Tim Galaxy FC Presiden, Martha Taiwia Poida, I talem se tim hemi karem sapot long Digicel we oli doneitem ol shet. Tim Maneja blong Galaxy tim blong olgeta woman, Jill Bule Taiva, tu I mekem wan kash doneisen mo big wan nao hemi VT200, 000 we I kam long PVFA.

Tim I kasem Luganville finis, mo oli kamp nao long Mataweli Apatmen. Galaxy bae hemi pleyem fes gem blong hem tede.

Long 11am, bae Galaxy FC hemi fesem Urpiv FC long Luganville soka stadium.

Urpiv FC hemi ripresentem Memba Asosiesen(MA) blong MALAMPA mo Galaxy hemi ron long tikit blong PVFA.


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