Electro women’s basketball team. Photo: Nancy Patterson

Following their 32-34 loss to Siaraga in the WSB SHEFA basketball championship women’s final, Electro has planned out their strategy plans for the future tournaments.

These plans will be implemented in the closing of the year tournament which will be held this Saturday.

Electro women’s captain Nancy Patterson believes; “As a team, we lost very bad percentage at the shoot.

“Our incapacity to play more fast or more physical, we will work on it and need to invest a little more to perform well in our Future games,” Patterson said.

The side gives special mention to their sponsors.

“Thank you to Elektro company who is our major sponsor throughout 2021 Basketball Competition,” Patterson added.

SHEFA basketball committee

SHEFA basketball president Mildred Izono was amazed with Saturday’s turnout.

“Korman Stadium was packed last Saturday with basketball fans, friends and families who came to cheer for their teams who were playing in the finals.

“In the women’s category Siaraga who have been the champion for over 20 years since its formation in 1985, has proved again that they are still the strongest when beating Elektro 34-32 points in a close match final game. Elektro with most young talented players have displayed a very strong and outstanding game.

“In the men’s category the game was between Aelan Majik and Seveners United. The game was so tough that the two teams ended up with a draw of 33 -33. An extra 5 minutes was given for an extra time of game and Seveners came to beat Aelan Majik with 41-39 points. Both the men and the women’s games were tough and as a result both teams won by just 2 points each.

“As the president of WSB Shefa Basketball League, I am overwhelmed by the level of skills performed by the players and especially in the young ones. I believe with the Closing Knockout competition the games are gonna be tougher since it is a knockout and teams will be fighting to get to the final games,” Izono added.

“I also take this time to thank our sponsor Wan smol Bag for always supporting WSB Shefa Basketball League with all its activities through out this year.”


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