The 2021 AFL Vanuatu Pikinini kick community program is being rated a success last Saturday at Independence Park.

AFL Vanuatu Development Officer Nancy Patterson said; “Week six of the program from last weekend showed out with more kids involving in this exciting program.”

Pikinini kick program provides boys and girls with a fun and safe Australian Football experience that serves as an introduction to the sport of Australian Rules football.

“We are aiming to promote a healthy lifestyle and a lifetime of association with the game of AFL and also connecting parents and their own child by encouraging, cheering and teaching their child in the field,” Patterson added.

“This connection builds up a very good relationship between a parent and a child.

“It’s still not too late for kids age six to 12 years old to be part of this exciting program. Starting from week 1 until week 6 kids have been going through different ball skills of Australian Rule Football and playing more fun games.”

Week 7, 8 and 3 extra weeks the kids will be concentrating on modified Game and learning the rules of the game of AFL Football.

“This is the exciting part of the program where kids will be running and and getting active in the field. A huge thankyou to the Australian government through Pacific sports Partnership for the continuous support towards our exciting programs.

“Check out for our up coming program in 2022 “ Plei Footy Blo Jenis” Program that will involve girls and women age 16 years old and above.

“Follow us on AFL Vanuatu page for more update.”


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