It seems like we have had our fill of drama, suspense and scandal in the country for the year, however as they say, it’s only Tuesday.

From high-profile government court cases to a monetary scheme that provided locals with an indirect stimulus package that only required a leap of naïve belief and in 21 days, you would be blessed.

We are being advised as a people by the Republic to remain patient and supportive of the government and the judicial system.

How can anyone remain patient as we watch our leaders bicker amongst each-other while we, the people, wait for governments guidance and support.

Fiji government released information from its national budget which is inspiring. For a country that is currently being ravaged by COVID-19 and deaths climbing up to 300, here are a few things that Fiji is planning to do which puts the Vanuatu COVID-Free government and country to shame.

First, no stall fees for market vendors (permanent and casual), no drivers license fees, no police clearance fees, no birth or death certificate fees, free electricity for households for six months for those earning less than FJD$30,000 a year, free education (years 1-13), free bus fare for students and a lot more.

Meanwhile, what have we done for our people that are COVID-Free and yet made redundant due to border-closure and the collapse of the international tourism industry.

The most passionate our government has ever been in addressing the public was when they spoke about the “keyboard warriors” and “bush-lawyers” who decided to give their two-cents on what they thought of the government court proceedings.

Then there is the latest court decision that resembled a high-five by the Minister in question and judge and a slap to the face of all women.

Therefore, although we have passed July and the independence celebration dust has settled, the maturity of this country is not reflected in its government and it is not being channeled to the people.

We cannot be patient, we cannot remain silent, we have four months left till 2021 is done, I cannot even begin to imagine what the government has in store for us.

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