Dear Edita,

Hemi gud se Minista blong Finance i kamaot strong long ol tingting blong sam bigfala developmen we i benefitim whole country.

Problem nomo yumi luk se sam long ol aelan ia i kasem tumas developmen mo tumas attensen, be ol narawan nokat.

Olsem wanem, from ol nasonal lidas we istap draevem ol developmen ia oli blong aelan or province ia?

Evritaem wan niu gavman i fom, ol MPs blong aelan mo province ia i mas kam Minista blong sam spesel Ministry blong gavman.

Mo questen too se hao nao “whole country” i usum ol roads ia (spos yumi usum exampel blong roads we Minista i refer long hem)? Ating Minista blong Finance istap minem ekonomik benefit? Spos olsem, Gavman i saveh produsim report blong nasonal ekonomik impak we ol roads mo developmen long sam aelan ia oli mekem long whole country? Plande thousand man mo woman long ol nara aelan oli stap remain poor istap nomo, even taem ol lidas oli talem se ol bigbigfala developmen ia i benefitim whole country.

Lasfala poen, ol developmen ia oli rily long benefit blong who ia stret, whole country or ol aelan mo provinces ia mo politics blong ol MPs blong olketa? Wan tingting nomo, lukaot yumi agree wetem storian blong “whole country” quicktaem tumas.

Tank yu

Man Vanuaku

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