Employees being afraid to speak to the media with fear of job loss is a genuine fear since COVID-19 closed the borders and employment scarcity has become much more of a reality than before.

For workers living in such a culture, the only escape is knowledge.

Knowing your rights gives you power to exercise them and stand up to threats of the oligarchy of this great country, or the ones in a company.

Remember that this is a great nation, one that is about to celebrate its 41st Independence anniversary next month.

Since independence, leaders have risen and become role models, sadly some have passed including the most recent Pastor Allen Nafuki.

If anything, we learn from the struggles and battles they have fought, their legacy lives on in our actions, but in the event of inactivity towards absurd threats, this is where we need a reminder of how far we have come.

We are a great people who create a great country, and living in a cycle and culture of fear is not who we are.

While the focus over the last few weeks may have been about politicians and court hearings, recently the news limelight has illuminated employee salaries and concerns for our aviation company.

These allegations have remained allegations because the CEO hasn’t addressed them, meanwhile the Director General of Finance has, the Trade Union has, the Leader of Opposition has and the public has been made aware, yet an eerie silence looms over the CEO’s office. These allegations will not simply disappear.

They have been raised and they need to be answered.

And to those living in fear, know your rights, regain your power and join the great list of leaders we have and the ones we have lost. Leave a legacy worthy leaving behind.

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