The Takuare name has landed in the Island Court — a hefty compensation could be the end goal of this case.

What are your thoughts?


I think like he should had done it ages ago, why now? I mean he should had taken it to court ever since they were talking about it, he should have asked, because at the moment it is late the ship has arrived, the name has been used. You can just go telling people that’s my name or Tribal name or whatsoever it is, you can just take it off again now.

How is it going to look to the Australian Government spending a lot money providing for this country and this ship was supposed to surrounding the country looking for bad people or whatsoever pirates chasing them out of the country, now we’re fighting the case in court for that Tribal Name.

Why did he have to do that? It’s not fair for the country and the people that he has to start arguing now, why he do it ages ago.

Did he even go to the Seafront when the boat arrived? There were so many people that actually went to welcome that boat instead now we going to tell the next generation that after the boat arrived then we have to start arguing for the name for just that VT14,000, if that is the case then why can the police gave him that VT14,000 and that’s it. Case close.

An Etas Resident

My question is this, where was he when the name was advertised on TV even the FM98 talk back show? To my understanding, it is a name for the people of SHEFA so people in the province I know there have follow every single process to give the name to this patrol boat. I think he is just doing this for the money.

A Private Worker

As a citizen of SHEFA province, I think he is doing this for money, because the situation the country is in right now a lot of people are in need for money.

A Graphic Designer

In my opinion, if the SHEFA Provincial Government Council had overseen the due process before taking the name, where was he? Why haven’t we heard of the court case that he his claiming, does he even listen to the radio or have access to social media? The the topic was live on the Talkback show and a lot of people were commenting.

I think he should be proud that his tribal name is use on a vessel to protect our country from illegal fishing and transportation of reliefs in time of disaster.


Your claim for your tribal name! You should have told when the topic was advertised on air to the public that people have been aware that it was a competition to win a prize for choosing the best name.

My question is this, where were you? you rightly told the newspaper that you had a case since 2001, how about if you were to put your claim before the competition, at this point for now I think you are claiming for money, not the name.

Jennifer Malo

While reading his story in the Daily Post, it clearly shows that he wants compensation from the Government, and using the name Takuare to make money.


It’s all about money! From what i heard regarding the name Takuare, he didn’t get money like the others, in my opinion he is claiming for money, it is all about money.


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