SHEFA COVID-19 Vaccination: From National Convention Center to Two Tents

We are offering life-saving vaccinations for a virus that has killed millions worldwide, over 600 dead in our neighbor country, Fiji.

Given the importance of this vaccine, why do we have it being given under a tent? On a hot day I can only imagine the heat generated in those tents and when the weather goes in the opposite direction, the life-saving vaccinations stop? Everyone who lives in Port Vila knows that George Pompidou floods during a heavy downpour, how did the SHEFA team overlook this flaw? Don't get me wrong, the important aspect is that the vaccines are continuing, they could even jab citizens out of a tin shack in the middle of the bush, but does it mean they have to?

Need I remind you that we graduated from an LDC status already but the optics of that tent just cries out third world country. We have citizens sitting in tents beside puddles of mud as they wait for registration and vaccination.

I assumed that platforms would be placed at the bottom to resolve the rain issue but that hasn't been done. So, when the next torrential showers come, are we going to stop again? I know it is easy to criticise but the tents need to be criticised so that improvements can come forward.

To anyone going up for vaccinations next week, here is a pro tip, wear boots.

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