Dear Editor,

Thank you long Government blong mekem amendment long Vanuatu Agriculture Development Bank (VADB) Act. Blong talem stret ol amendment ia oli gud be wanem we Bank ia hemi nidim hemi no nem change mo amendments. Wanem hemi nidim hem annual subsidy grants blong fundem development.

Mi harem fulap oli toktok sei bank hemi mekem loss we hemi no true. VADB hemi stap mekem profit since 2012 mo hemi recoverem every establishment loss long 2012 mo continiu blong mekem profit.

Long annual reports blong Vanuatu Agriculture Development Bank (VADB) hemi soem profits olsem ia:

2015 VT52,509,442; 2016 VT 53,850,790; 2017 VT 72,536,384; 2018 VT 27,396,820; 2019 VT 55,250,346

Hemi sad blong harem ol member blong Parliament oli mekem misleading statements long parliament blong talem se VADB hemi stap mekem ol loss. I kat wan MP we long taem blong hem long Kavman hemi sapotem repeal blong VADB Act be long this kavman hemi ting baot ol sapota blong hem long constituency blong hem mo askem current kavman blong no forgetem olketa be hem I forgetem ol long taem blong hem. Confusing.

I kat risen why Bank I ko involve long risky loans. Kavman hemi fail blong fully implementem Kaonsel blong ol Minista Decision numba 130 blong 2007. Hemia nomo nao imekem se VADB emi stap long status we hemi stap long hem tedei.

Mi wantem encouragem ol MP blong oli refrain blong mekem un-well researched misleading statements just blong impressem ol voters blong ol we olketa oli know no better.

VADB hemi save jensem nem hamas be sipos Government I no putum annual subsidy grant then no matter we nem hemi jenis nem nomo bambai hemi jenis be everything will remain the same. No significant impact in the rural areas.

Please Lord, help me make people understand.

Thomson Pakoa Matokai Kokona

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