We, the Continuing Legal Education (CLE) sub-committee of the Law Council of the Republic of Vanuatu, read the above noted article with much interest.

Whilst the article includes many interesting observations our committee wishes to clarify certain matters. The Law Council is established by the Legal Practitioners Act CAP 119. Under that act the council’s functions are prescribed.

They relevantly include to: “provide for the legal education and training of legal practitioners”.

Our committee has assumed the legal education and training role over the past approximate two years. We regard it as an important and necessary role.

Seminars and workshops are organized on a number of topics and presented by a variety of speakers.

We intend to enhance this voluntary public service into one that benefits all registered practitioners. Lawyers registered in Vanuatu have significant requirements for supervision to entitle registration. Those requirements continue until a lawyer becomes unconditionally registered.

We intend that the service we provide can dovetail in with those supervision requirements.

Our lawyers will then become better lawyers. More of them will become “…good lawyers capable of advancing arguments in a composed and methodical manner such that, at the end of the day, justice is seen to have been done” as envisaged by the article.

Lawyers operate in a service industry and as with anyone in such an industry we must always look to enhance and improve our service to members of the public.

We trust that our clients will increasingly recognize improvements to the services available to them.

Continuing Legal Education sub-committee of the Law Council of the Republic of Vanuatu


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