Dear Editor,

Long las wiken pepa blong Daily Post hemi printim wan artikel olsem wei stap antap. Law Enforcement Ofisa blong Shefa Provinsel Gavman hemi advaes se province i nidim money ia blong mekem “service delivery” lo pipol.

Lo sem artikel ia Mr Kalo hemi givem exampel blong sevis ia lo ol wok wei stap gogo hed naoia lo Blandinere Estet.

Be fulap man mo woman i saveh se road repairs lo Blandinere hemi folem sam politikel pressure too from samfala promises we wan bigfala lida blong yumi hemi bin mekem long taem blong last eleksen bei never bin happen.

Folem tingting ia mifala ol residents blong ol narafala erias raon long Port Vila ino tekem ol wok long Blandinere olsem genuine effort blong Shefa provinsel Gavman blong mentenem mo upgredem ol roads folem toktok blong law enforcement offisa Mr Kalo.

Mo too, taem yu fixem roads blong Blandinere, hemia ino solvem problem blong mifala ol narafala suburbs raon long Port Vila we ol roads blong mifala oli mess nomo i stap.

Mifala ino luk face mo genuine efforts blong shefa province long ol roads blong mifala i pitim 5 yia vinis.

Afta yu stap askem mifala blong continue blong pem property tax from ‘sevis delivery’? Which sevis delivery ia yu stap refea long hem taem we yu kolektem money evri yia for ova 5 yias nao be yu no mentenem ol roads blong mifala? Taem we provinsel Gavman ino receivem VT34 million, hemi no tingting se wae nao ol residents oli no stap pem?

Shefa i mas stop blong askem money taem hemi no deal wetem ol sevises we hemi stap putum oltaem long ol invoices blong hem. Inaf blong stap kiaman long mifala.

Yumi 40 vinis mo ples i telaet longtaem! Inaf ia nao! Fixim ol roads blong mifala then yu askem property tax. Inaf blong wok arier.

Tanku long andastanding blong Shefa.


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