Dear Editor,

I am responding to your article published today (yesterday) re: the incumbent Government’s spending:

In simple terms, what the Government has been doing and still doing, is pandering to their own self-interests rather than looking after the interests of Vanuatu citizens and residents.

The latest examples of this lay in the allocation of vehicles and funds to the “Big Men” and their cronies.

As for the announcement that returning RSE workers will have to pay for their quarantine upon their return, the Leader of the Opposition, MP Ralph Regenvanu rightfully states that this is almost “criminally negligent”. Such a move certainly shows a lack of concern for the welfare of the workers and their families.

It also fails to account for the income generated by the workers that flows into their respective communities at a time when the country is suffering from a lack of export income, tourism and so on.

The Government’s attitude of neglecting Vanuatu citizens and residents while catering to the whims of the “Big Men” should not be tolerated any further.

It’s time for the voters to act and put into power men and women who will truly serve their country — as a priority over their own self-interests.

Long God Yumi Stanap!

Phil Manhire

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