Dear Editor,

I read with intrigue the article in Tuesday’s DP Page 5 telling me “I cannot put a Vanuatu flag on my bus”!

What! Surely it is my Constitutional right to fly my country’s flag on my bus If I owned one!

Here we are about to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of raising the Vanuatu Flag and Land Transport are trying to say we can’t put a flag on our own property. Please show me something in the Land Transport Act or the Traffic Act telling us we can’t paint our taxi, bus or hired cars in whatever colours or flags we like.

The article also goes on to say we can’t have any “advertising or personalized logo or stickers on any public land transport vehicles” as it is “prohibited.”

“Prohibited” that means it is against the Law, does it not? Who makes such rules, in a civilized democracy, “banning the national flag”? I know of no other country banning the uses of their national flags on anything, if it is respected,

Sure, if I was to put a US or South Korean flag on my bus in North Korea I may find myself in trouble.

But we have a freely elected Government here, not a dictatorship! So how did Land Transport come up with this idea?


Public Transport Owner

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