Dear Editor,

I had a break-in at my home on the night of 10th March 2021. I reported this to the Police the following morning.

CID came to my home to investigate. They were supposed to take finger prints as my wallet would have had finger prints left by the thieves as they had stolen money from it and left the wallet behind. Furthermore, I gave them more information that should have been used to track down the perpetrators like USB camera images showing the perpetrators in my yard.

I also told the C.I.D that I strongly suspected one of my workers and that I believed somebody had given the thieves information about where things where in my house as they knew exactly where things were.

After nearly 3 Months, nothing has happened. One suspect was questioned and denied the allegation and from what I could see there was no follow up.

From what I can see there was virtually no investigation into this crime. There was ample evidence like finger prints on the wallet and a paddle used by the thieves, no analyzing camera images and no real questioning.

Everyone living in and visiting Vanuatu should be able to expect proper police action when they report a crime, I don’t believe I got this. One wonders if the police would prefer, we take the law into our own hands and fix the problems ourselves.

One can only ask where all the donor money is going that is suppose to help develop the capacity of the Vanuatu Police Force?

Frustrated Ni-Van Investor

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