Dir Editor,

Wanem ia 15 Mai we i jes pas long Vanuatu? Em i dei we Vanuatu National Kaoncil blong ol Woman em i bon long ia 1980. Long taem ia, mifala ol woman blong eni kaen pati, waef blong ol lida o mama, mifala i standap togeta blong startem bodi ia. Em i wan ONG o wan independent bodi we i laef em wan nomo wetem som projek o donasen. Em i no stap kasem mane blong Gavmen. Long memori blong ol founda memba we ol i ko finis, mo olgeta we ol i stap iet, mo blong yufala ol mama blong Vanuatu, mi wandem se yu ridim smol toktok ia we i stap andenit we olsem wan exempol, i kivim nem blong som bik woman blong politic long Afrika wetem populasen we ol mama ia ol i stap lukaotem.

1993-4 — Sylvie Kinigi — Caretaker President of Burundi, following the killing of Melchior Ndadaye. Population: 11 865 821

1996-7 — Ruth Perry — Chair of Council of State after Liberia’s first civil war

2006-18 — Ellen Johnson Sirleaf — elected President of Liberia. Population: 5 073 296

2009 — Rose Francine Rogombé — Interim President of Gabon following the death of Omar Bongo. Population: 2 230 908

2012 — Monique Ohsan-Bellepeau — Acting President of Mauritius, after the resignation of Sir Anerood Jugnauth. Population: 1 379 365

2012-14 — Joyce Banda — President of Malawi, after the death of Bingu wa Mutharika. Population: 21 196 628

2014-16 — Catherine Samba-Panza — transitional President of Central African Republic, elected by parliament. Population: 4 900 459

2015-18 — Ameenah Gurib-Fakim — President of Mauritius, elected by parliament. Population: 1 379 365

2018-present — Sahle-Work Zewde — President of Ethiopia, elected by parliament. Population: 108 113 152

2021-present — Samia SULUHU HASSAN President of Tanzania following the death of President John Pombe Magufuli on 17 march 2021. Population: 58 552 844.

Tank yu tumas ol Woman-Lida blong Africa mo narafala ples long wol blong soem se mifala ol woman, ies, yumi save lukaotem ol pikinini blong mifala be tu, yumi save lukaotem populasen blong kaontri blong yumi!


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