Dear Editor,

I would like to bring the above subject matter to the attention of the Vanuatu Government and VNPF scholarship scheme. Because of the pandemic, the Vanuatu Government is taking extra measures to ensure that the delta variant that is spreading in Fiji does not come to Vanuatu, hence the Government is extending the stay of the finishing students in Semester I 2021.

Protocols are put in place to ensure that these returning students must be 100% vaccine before they return.

My question on behalf of the many parents and guardians is that, who will meet the costs of this extension? It is already 3 weeks since the beginning of semester II and these completed students have not received any allowance from the Government.

We, parents and guardians are not expected to meet the costs of this extension.

We think it is more appropriate for the government to meet the costs. Under the VNPF scholarship scheme, we will repay VNPF for the students’ course fees, accommodation and flights and we have signed contracts with VNPF meaning we have the beginning and ending of the contract.

Any extension made for the stay of the students due to the pandemic should not be met by the parents or guardians. The costs of extension of stay should be fully met by the Government.

We hope the Government and VNPF can discuss this and reach an agreement that is fair to the students’ parents and guardians.

We thank the Vanuatu Government if something reasonable can be worked out to address this matter without incurring further costs to the parents and guardians.

Concerned Parent

Port Vila


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