The ‘life-saving’ vaccine has arrived and registration for it began on Tuesday.

Essential workers will start receiving their first of two jabs on the first on June and the head of the nation, Prime Minister Bob Loughman has volunteered to be the first Ni Vanuatu citizen in Vanuatu to receive AstraZeneca.

Now that the vaccine is here, the pastime discussions of whether or not you will get the jab needs a definitive answer.

One of the main reasons that have people saying ‘no’ to the vaccine or currently sitting on the fence is fear. Fear of the unknown, like swimming in navy blue waters after watching Jaws, or maybe something less dramatic.

The bottom line is the best doctors in the world could provide you with every possible reason why you should take the vaccine, but a single video, testament or image could surely cast a shadow of doubt large enough to make you question the entire credibility of why the vaccine should be taken.

What needs to be understood is that fear of the vaccine is normal, questioning why should take it and scrutinizing every possible ingredient added to keep us safe from a global pandemic is called being careful.

If you were to allow someone to inject you with a vaccine you have no idea about nor do you question it on what impact it could have on your body is either blind faith or lack curiosity.

Both very bad qualities for a person in this day and age, simply listening and following directives could be best described as possessing a bee hive mentality.

Asking questions and understanding what you are afraid of eliminates your fears.

So, questioning the vaccine left, right and centre is absolutely the right move. One cannot simply get a bank loan approved unless all possible basis is covered.

The fear of starting a new business, making a new investment or taking out a mortgage are genuine fears that exists with everyone, these fears go away with questions and a better comprehension of your anxieties.

The vaccine will open more doors than the past two years which we were all living in.

We haven’t received a community case nor have our COVID numbers even reach 5 but right now and all we are doing is living in a ‘what if’ world.

What if we get COVID tomorrow? What if COVID never comes? What if the borders open? What if they never do? This is a stressful way to exist and we do not need that stress in our lives.

By eliminating the ‘What ifs’ through taking the vaccine we become less worried of community cases, we feel safer to go home and visit our families, hold our children.

All the stress and anxieties that stem from the vaccine needs to be addressed, understood and conquered, because at the end of the day, we are all frontline workers in the eyes of our families and the virus does not discriminate.

We are all essential employees in our homes and as such, we need to think of the same homes we return to everyday, these are the homes we need to keep safe.

Daily Post is Pro-Vaccine. Are you?

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