Jacob Rumbiak

ULMWP Spokesman Jacob Rumbiak says home symbolises peaceful means for dialogue

Now that Leaders attending the weeklong Summit of the United Liberation Movement of West Papua have completed their meeting in Port Vila, they have resolved to turn the building on the land at Anabrou into their Head Office to lobby for West Papua freedom round the world.

ULMWP Spokesman Jacob Rumbiak says the committee and representatives of women and West Papua Liberation Army and West Papuans living abroad all agree it is going to be the central office to process information on the West Papua struggle for dissemination around the world to lobby for freedom.

He says the Head Office now forms the foundation towards the necessary processes to plot the path for a peaceful transition from Indonesia to West Papua towards freedom and self-determination for the Melanesians.

Asked how Indonesia might see the gift to ULMWP, he replies, “Indonesia must look at it as a positive means through which Vanuatu is trying to facilitate dialogue between West Papua and Indonesia for eventual self-determination for West Papua.

“Secondly Indonesia must see Vanuatu’s generosity as the bridge between West Papua and Indonesia to allow the two peoples to find a peaceful solution to the historical suffering of the people of West Papua.

“Thirdly Indonesia should know that ULMWP feels at home in Vanuatu because West Papua is part of the Melanesian family and when Vanuatu gives us land and home, that is family.”

On the other hand he says if Indonesia says something negative about the gift to the people of West Papua, it only goes to confirm its longstanding ancient colonial attitude towards West Papua.

He says the people of Vanuatu have a moral obligation to protect the Melanesian brothers and sisters of West Papua, which explains why the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs, Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Lands have jointly presented the land and building to ULMWP and Further Arts.

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