Vanua’aku Party to field 27 candidates in election

The Vanua’aku Party (VP) has lodged the candidature application for its candidates to contest the general election yesterday afternoon at the Electoral Office.

A total of 27 names of candidates have been endorsed by the VP national executive and the candidates will be contesting in 16 different constituencies in Vanuatu.

“We are pleased to submit a total number of proposed candidates representing the Vanua’aku Party in 2020 National General Election throughout the Republic of Vanuatu, 16 constituencies for the the Electoral Commission’s approval”, statement from a communique obtained by Daily Post.

The names of candidates are:

Tanna constituency:

-Bob Loughman Weibur

-Johnny Koanapo Rasou

-Simile Johson Youse

-George Ronald

- Joe Natuman (Subject to advice from state law as to eligibility)

Tafea outer Islands constituency

- Edward Nalyal

Port Vila Constituency

- Kenneth Natapei

-Efate Constituency

-Stanley John

- Graham Takalo

-John Mark Ruben Tarisong

Shepherds Outer Island Constituency

-John William Mata’ariki Timakata

Tongoa Constituency

-Willie Albert Kalo

Epi Constituency

-Isaac Tongolilu Daniel

Paama Constituency

-Jessy Dick

Ambrym Constituency

-Albert William

Malekula Constituency

-Esmon Simon

-Kaltalio Simon

-Diana Meltek Esmon

-Tony Ata

Pentecost constituency

-Dr. Richard Walsh Leona

Ambae Constituency

-Richard Mera Lilu

-George Tambe

Maewo Constituency

-Elison Reveala

Malo/Aore Constituency

-Wesly Rasu

Luganville Constituency

-Toara Daniel Kalo

Santo Constituency

-Ronald Warsal Kalmasei

-Julian Varisipity

The list of the candidates has been duly endorsed by the VP national executive council.

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