Second Sub-Sea Cable Project Gains Momentum

An International Cable Working Committee has been formed to spearhead Vanuatu’s second subsea cable (ICN2), which will connect Port Vila and Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Interchange Limited (ICL) completed Vanuatu’s only sub-sea cable (ICN1) in 2014 connecting Port Vila and Suva, Fiji, and providing bandwidth to the country. ICL will also be overseeing building of the second cable.

The new Working Committee is composed of the Minister of Finance and Economic Management, the Minister of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Chairman of the ICL Board and the General Manager of ICL. The purpose of the committee is to facilitate the deployment of Vanuatu’s second international sub-sea cable system through ICL.

Having a second cable will provide much-needed backup to connectivity in Vanuatu in the event of a disruption, which would be extremely costly to the Government and businesses.

“Reliable connectivity is essential for Vanuatu to continue developing at every level,” said ICL General Manager Mr. Willie Karie. “From facilitating business and Government operations, to the delivery of essential services including health and education across every island of Vanuatu.”

Two cables delivering bandwidth to Vanuatu will also provide a strong underpinning for the AelanSat satellite service, which will be available in Vanuatu in December 2021.


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