The first ever hybrid system of renewable energy in Vanuatu, consisting of a pico-hydropower and Portable Voltage (PV) solar hybrid mini-grid system was officially launched on Monday, the 23rd of January 2023 at Loltong village in North Pentecost.

The hydro itself has a capacity of 6.8 kilowatts, and the solar has a capacity of 2 kilowatts, making a total of 8.8 kilowatts of hydro and solar system altogether.

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Richard Corkish

Great news about this new solar/hydro hybrid! It was not quite the first in Vanuatu, though. In November 2022 a partnership of FlyFleet and University of New South Wales (UNSW - Sydney) commissioned a system with two Powerspout hydro turbines and a 3.5kW solar array at Imaki, SE Tanna. It is now supplying abundant electricity to the Imaki schools and aid post and community. These projects are excellent outcomes for both the Tanna and Pentecost communities.

Alberto Jeronimo

Hi Richard, thanks for your comment. It is not really relevant if it was the first project of this type or not but it was indeed. The Loltong system has been operational since 2021 but due to the many logistic issues faced during 2022 (covid lockdown, cyclone season and a change in government) it was not until this week that it was officially launched. The project also uses Power Spout turbines like the Imaki system, which by the way is a great project, congrats! Hopefully more projects like these are to follow!

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