The Niufala Rod Blo Tourism is taking place this week at the Chief’s Nakamal. The focus on Monday was on the Immediate Response and Recovery Plan, the TamTam Travel Bubble, updates from our National Airline, and the impacts of the border closure to businesses. There are almost 300 attendees which include government officials, tourism industry, policy makers, development partners, complimentary sectors, tourism association leaders and civil society representatives.

Due to this large, expected attendance, the Tourism Week was not an open invitation, but it is being live streamed on the Department of Tourism’s Facebook Page for everyone to follow. It is fantastic to have questions and followers from other countries.

There have been a lot of compliments around the local ‘farm to table’ cuisine which is a partnership between the Government and unemployed chefs.

This is being facilitated by the Chefs Association under the Hospitality Tourism Leisure Training Centre (HTLTC). It is great that these chefs who have lost their jobs over the past few months are able to earn an income during this Tourism Week.

The welkam reception was well attended and included a very important ‘Kastom Protocol Blong Tourism Recovery’ between Prime Minister, Bob Loughman and the President of Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs, Chief Willie Plasua for Tourism Recovery and the Safe Business Operations (SBO) Guidelines Policy.

This is essential for dialogue to be disseminated down to all chiefs that the government is coming around to communities for awareness around health and safety, and business readiness training.

The attending industry representatives from the outer islands will attend their SBO training at the Vanuatu Institute of Technology on Thursday to ensure they return to their islands having completed this important mandatory training to make sure they meet the measures required to be ‘Clean, Caring and Checked’ in order to carry out risk assessment, and compliance with health measures.

We look forward to the rest of the workshops, presentations and panel sessions especially the one taking place on Thursday which is the ‘Summary Day’ with 18 Directors, CEO’s and Commissioners from Vanuatu Government Statutory Body’s talking about the Niufala Rod Blo Tourism ‘Patnasip’ for the future.

If you are interested, please watch live on the Department of Tourism’s Facebook page:

For more information and to register for the SBO training, please email [email protected]

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