Negotiations Underway for Repatriation of Final Year Scholarship Students

L-r: Scholarship PEO John Kaltau, Scholarship Board Chairman John Avock Mahit and Vice Chairman Collin Natonga

The Government will be bringing back only final year students abroad for the Christmas holiday, under the second repatriation phase.

This has been confirmed by the chairman of the National Scholarship and Training Board, John Avock Mahit.

The majority of these students are undertaking studies at universities in Fiji.

Negotiations are underway between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education and Training (MoET), through the National Scholarship and the Education Attaché in Suva on plans to bring the final year students on two charter flights, said Chairman Mahit.

Due to cost reasons, only final year students will be repatriated, he said.

It cost the government approximately over Vt20 million to meet the transport cost for students traveling to and from Fiji every year.

Chairman Mahit said ongoing students will stay back but will continue to do courses over the break and they will be supported with allowances and housing benefits.

Over 200 final year students are expected to return from Fiji during this second repatriation phase. The final list is yet to be confirmed.

Apart from Fiji, students will also be repatriated from Samoa and Morocco.

Meanwhile, 14 students studying in various universities in China are now in quarantine after being repatriated recently.

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