Mama’s Bigfala Krismas Market Sales

The Banner speaks for itself

The Port Vila City Council (PVCC) has permitted mothers to sell their products at Seafront Park for free for four days, starting Wednesday.

The Vanuatu Womens Council, Vanuatu National Council of Woman and Ni-Vanuatu Arts and Craft Association along with other organizations have collaborated to give the mothers an opportunity to generate Christmas savings.

The theme of this event is ‘Together we have a united voice’. The programme starts at 9am and ends at 9pm.

The products on sale ranges from wood carvings, Island dresses, island shirts, wraps, Bilum bags, hotdogs and plant sales.

All interested mothers in selling at the seafront must fill up a registration form and have a tent.

There are 74 stalls altogether with different goods on sale at special prices.

Jacqueline Mokou is a long-time tailor and she is excited and pleased to have the opportunity to display her products.

She thanked the organizers for the opportunity which benefits all mothers who are struggling to make an income.

According to Leias Cullwick, Executive Director of the Vanuatu National Council of Woman (VNCW), COVID-19 has made life difficult for mothers to generate income and this event is to help mothers who are supporting their husbands to shop for Christmas and pay for school fees and stationaries in early February 2022.

Mrs. Cullwick conveyed her gratitude to Mayor Eric Puyo-Festa for providing the venue for free.


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