Malapoa College and Lycee LAB Graduation next week

A photo from last year’s graduation ceremony at Korman Stadium Photo: Malapoa College

As the end of year’s final exams looms, school committees are preparing for their graduation ceremonies.

The graduation ceremony for Years 10 and 12 students at Malapoa college will be held on Tuesday next week. A total of 131 students from year 10 and 132 from year 12 will be graduating.

The Year 13 graduation will be held separately on Thursday next week due to the high number of graduands.

Both graduation programs will proceed at 8:30am at the Malapoa College Sports Complex. The main theme of graduation is Educational Resilience as a means of Self Reliance.

The Malapoa College Administration urges students to adhere to the following instructions during graduation day:

• Ensure no drinking and smoking, or displaying physical signs of having to drink or smoke prior or during graduation.

• Female students must not braid their hair or make other styles other than as stipulated in the school policy.

• Boys’ hair must be trimmed to one centimeter (cm), no dreadlock hair style, if the hair is long especially soft hair it must be combed and tied up neatly.

• If the students are required to wear school uniforms, they must be clean and the shirt must be firmly tucked in the pants.

• All graduating students must be at the school 30 minutes before procession to the sport complex.

• All students must be in the order specified by graduation committee. No latecomers will be allowed.

• The school reserves the right to either allow students to graduate or not.

Lycee Louis Antoine de Bougainville also has a graduation ceremony next Tuesday.

The graduation will be held at Korman complex, similar to the Malapoa college the graduation program is split into two parts. Years 12 and 13 will be graduating at 8am and Year 14 from 2pm.

A total of 192 students from Year 12 and 169 students from Year 13 will be graduating on Wednesday. The school is still waiting to receive the year 14 exam results from New Caledonia.


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