Ifira Trustees limited donates VT 2.5 Million for Medevac

The Finance Control Manager of Ifira Trustees limited, Bong Serano has confirmed that Ifira Trustees helped out with a medical evacuation (Medevac) operation that took place yesterday.

The Trustees received a letter from the father and the husband of the patient who had fallen ill and required medevac to New Caledonia to receive treatment.

Ifira Trustees limited acts compassionately in response to a letter sent from family members, the Trustees donated VT 2.5 million to help the family.

Vila Central Hospital (VCH) lacked the necessary medical equipment needed to conduct proper scans of the patient, thus a regional option had to be sought.

The equipment in question, a CT Scan or computerized tomography (CT) scan which provides more-detailed information than plain X-rays do.

Dr Vincent Atua of VCH confirmed that the hospital doesn’t have this machine and the patient needed to travel overseas, a hefty medical transportation fee of VT2.5 million ensued which was gladly paid by Ifira Trustees.

“Ifira Trustees is paying for the Medical evacuation that is intended to be a donation for the ill woman as the trustee recognizes that the woman’s husband is from Ifira,” he says.

According to Mr Serano, the Trustees have helped several people in the past who have reached out to the Trustee for help.

This is through the generosity of the Trustee’s chairman and as a matter of life and death the chairman see that it is a must to help.

The Medical Evacuation cost VT2.5 million and the cost of the medical treatment in New Caledonia is VT 2.5 million, in overall total cost is of 5.8 million.

“Ifira trustees is yet to decide whether they will be facilitating this cost as well,” Says Mr Serano.

The mother of the woman who had fallen ill allegedly claims that the woman had fallen ill after she took the first dose of the vaccine.


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