Four repatriation flights allowed every week

Citizens in other countries must find their own way to Brisbane in Australia, Nadi (Fiji), Tontouta (New Caledonia) and Auckland (NZ) to get on an Air Vanuatu flight home, says Tarivonda

The Government is set to allow four repatriation flights every week during the period of the second repatriation phase, with the first flight expected from Brisbane in Australia this Saturday.

These flights will follow Air Vanuatu’s cargo schedule, which means that bookings have to be arranges with the airline.

Repatriation flights to Nadi in Fiji will be on Mondays, to Auckland (New Zealand) on Wednesdays, Tontouta (New Caledonia) on Thursdays and Brisbane (Australia) on Saturdays.

When confirming this to Daily Post yesterday, Director of Public Health and Spokesperson on COVID-19 matters, Len Tarivonda, said around 400 individuals in Brisbane are waiting to be repatriated.

He said priority will be given to citizens with green Vanuatu passports.

“A lot of Ni-Vanuatu seasonal workers are in Victoria, it’s hard to get them out due to the current situation in that state,” he stressed.

He said citizens and residents in other countries wanting to return home must find their own way to these four destinations to get on an Air Vanuatu flight home.

There is a possibility for two chartered flights for seasonal workers at Christchurch in NZ next week, he added.

This weekly schedule was approved yesterday, said Mr Tarivonda.

Unless the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) make any changes, this schedule will remain throughout the course of the second repatriation phase, he said.

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