Five Parliament Retired Staff

The five Parliament retired staff.

Five long-serving staff of Parliamentary Secretariat, have retired from their services.

Properly most well-known personality by every Members of Parliament, past and present, Willie Watson, who held the position of Senior Finance Officer alongside the office of the parliamentary clerk, retired last month after serving the nation through parliament since May 24, 2006, but actually filled the position of Senior Principal Finance Officer on July 8, 2008.

Before this, Willie Watson, was employed in the Public Service from 2002 to 2006.

If anyone in Vanuatu was probably the most well-known by past and present Members of Parliament, it would be Willie Watson, whom every MPs past and present, knocked on his door or called into his office because Watson was in control of all MPs wages, allowances and allocations.

The Daily Post understands that Willie Watson, who is from Emae in the Shepherds group, plans to take some leave before moving on to either the private sector or doing own business.

Another parliamentary staff, Robert Iatika, who is from Tanna, in the Tafea Province, joined the Public Service in 1988 as a Civil Servant until May 24, 2006, when he moved to the Parliament and worked under the office of the clerk as Grounds man.

He dedicated his service to ensuring the national parliament was always appeared green and tidy ready for parliament sessions, national and international events hosted by various Speakers during his time with parliament.

Well-known and familiar face to MPs and the public visiting parliament during national and international events and parliament sessions was, Eria Tarimiala, of Mele Village.

He joined the Public Service in May of 2006, and by 2008, under the Parliament (Administration Act [CAP 306]), Eria Tarimiala, became full employee of parliamentary secretariat serving under the clerk of parliament office.

He served the Republic of Vanuatu for a total of 18 years.

Mrs. Celina Kalo, from North Efate, served as cleaner at Parliament complex for 18, including the first few years in the public service.

She was largely responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of all the parliamentary premises, MPs’ offices including the main parliamentary chambers as well as the offices of the Speaker and Clerk of Parliament.

She worked with other cleaners to ensure the national legislature always remained tidy and clean.

The fifth staff of the Parliamentary Secretariat that retired last month was Mrs. Philomene Siptiley, of Sareta village, Malekula in Malampa Province.

She also joined the Public Service in 2003 and later moved to Parliamentary Secretariat in May 2006.

She held the position of Office Cleaner to the Office of the Clerk in Parliament for 12 years.

Over this period, she kept the office of the clerk clean and tidy especially during many parliamentary sessions over the years.

Speaking at their farewell dinner, the Speaker of Parliament and Malekula MP Esmon Saemon, said the five staff were of some finest example to parliament and public servants when it comes to duty and responsibilities in public offices.

He said, they have left behind lessons of good behavior, dedication to duty to be learnt by others.

His final words to them were; everyone, be it a public servant and or private sector employer will one day retire and called on them to continue serving the nation in whatever capacity they chose to do after their public life.

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