Fest’Napuan 2021 rescheduled

A Fest’Napuan performance during the 2011 Fest’Napuan Music Festival.

The 2021 Fest’Napuan Committee has unveiled the new 2021 festival logo and rescheduled the date of Vanuatu’s premier music festival.

The 26th edition of the Fest’Napuan music festival, themed “Fest’Napuan i Singaot! Harem mi Vanuatu”, has been pushed back one week. Hence, the festival is now to take place on the 27th to the 30th of October.

The Fest’Napuan Committee has made this decision in coordination with the Ministry of Health (MoH).

The MoH will be conducting a COVID-19 response simulation next week beginning 21 October and extending through the previous dates of the festival, hence the dates have been pushed back to avoid coinciding with the simulation dates.

Fest’Napuan 2021 will kick off at Saralana Park on Wednesday 27 October with Fest’Nalega. This will be a celebration of Vanuatu string band, and will continue for the next three days with a showcase of top Vanuatu entertainment. There are 29 artists who will entertain Fest’Napuan with full, 45-minute sets from genres including string band, reggae, zouk, and a variety of other genres.

This year artists have been requested to incorporate traditional elements in their music.

In addition to the culturally rich music, there will also be lunchtime activities, an aelan fashion show, kastom dance, local food and kava stalls and many other activities.

The Saralana park area has already been set up for the festival with stalls encompassing the area. The food and kava stalls are still on sale for Fest’Napuan and can be booked at Florabunda, across from Immigration (the old French Embassy).

T-shirts featuring the 2021 festival logo will be on sale at the Fest’Napuan merchandise stall at Saralana Park during the festival.


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