ESP 1: 6,117 workers supported under Employment Stabilization Scheme

The Government of Vanuatu has spent a total of VT978,062,357 to support 6,117 workers under the Employment Stabilization Scheme (ESS).

From that number, 3074 are females, 3,043 are male workers. All workers are from all sectors in 2020.

This was relayed through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management’s latest update on the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) Phase 1.

Under the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Grant, a total of 4221 businesses benefited from the scheme, with the last outstanding payments made last month. The Government has spent a total of 282, 45,000 for the SME grant.

In total, the Government has spent an amount of VT1,261,107,375 under the two schemes — ESS and the SME grant.

After close of applications for the SME Grant under the 2020 Government’s ESP, reconciliations by the Department of Finance and Treasury Implementing Team uncovered that there are some outstanding issues which the Ministry through the Department of Finance and Treasury have made a couple of updates on the outstanding in the past months this year.

A total of 389 Business Licences that the assessing team have identified to have licensing issues and Validation have been made by licensing authorities for payments.

165 applications have discrepancies with their bank account details which the Department of Finance has made several attempts but could not reach them to verify their information.

The total of outstanding payments made for businesses applying for the SME 2020, phase 1 is 224. The first batch of payment was made 99 businesses, in addition to the final and second batch of payment to the 125 businesses last month.

The Ministry of Finance, through the Department of Finance and Treasury is finalizing a full report on the schemes, and audit on the spending of these schemes is already underway.


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