Enhancing management of threatened species in conservation areas

A project underway by Live & Learn will develop the first ever National Community Conservation Areas Monitoring Toolkit

A project underway by Live & Learn Vanuatu aims to enhance management of threatened species in key biodiversity areas of Vanuatu.

The project will develop a monitoring tool kit for rangers at the Santo mountain chain, Malekula and Gaua to improve their monitoring and management of threatened species such as the Santo mountain starling, palm lorikeet, Vanuatu Imperial Pigeon, Santa Cruz Ground Dove, Vanuatu Megapode, Carpoxylone Palm and Voutmele Palm.

The project focuses on protecting these endemic species in five conservation areas in the three islands.

A key part of this project is to support the Department of Environment and Conservation on the long term conservation of these threatened species.

‘Strengthening the Capacity of Vanuatu’s Ranger Corp Network for Biodiversity Management and Monitoring Project’ is implemented by Live & Learn Vanuatu, through financial assistance from Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF), a global program which has been providing funds to enable civil society around the world to protect important ecosystems.

The high demand of diverging community custom conservation areas into legally recognized community conservation areas protected under the Environment and Conservation Protection Act has highlighted the need to educate and train Biodiversity Areas and Community Conservation Committees and Protected Area rangers who will be able to monitor, assess and manage critical threatened habitats and endemic species, said the Local Project Officer of Live & Learn, Jesse Kampai.

“Live & Learn Vanuatu, Eco-Livelihood for Development Associates (EDA) and the Department of Environment and Conservation will be developing the first ever National Community Conservation Areas Monitoring Toolkit through this project.

“The draft tool kit has been done and was presented to the rangers in a workshop held in Luganville recently to get their inputs and feed backs.

“Field trainings have also been held at the Loru and Vathe Conservation Areas in Santo, after the workshop”, she said.

CEPF is providing around Vt12million to Live & Learn Vanuatu to implement the project which ends next year.

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