Emirates Airlines Reject Vanuatu Payment System for Dubai Expo

Vanuatu’s delegation to the World Expo in Dubai came across payment issues prior to boarding their flight to the Middle East from New Zealand while en route to the exhibition.

The Director of External Trade, Joe Pakoa explained that the entire delegation had excess luggage upon departing Bauerfield Airport that totalled to VT200, 000.

The Vanuatu delegation expected these costs and had the funds on standby when they left the country, however, to their surprise, upon leaving Auckland Airport aboard Air Emirates, the airline only accepted electronic payments made through credit cards.

The expo delegation spend over 24hrs in New Zealand attempting to resolve this payment,

finally left New Zealand yesterday, after being stranded for almost over 24 hours on kiwi soil, due to a financial mishap, fortunately, they managed to sort out the payment process through the assistance of the Vanuatu consulate in New Zealand with Emirates Officials.

The expo arrangements have been made ready for 2021 and will be held in Dubai the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Six of Vanuatu’s local businesses will be showcasing their products, they are ACTIV, EAU DES ÎLES, Tanna Coffee, Fine Foods, Vanuatu Bijouterie and Vanuatu Handikraft, this will allow exposure for local businesses to showcase their products, marketing opportunities and possible placing a foothold in the Middle-Eastern market for Vanuatu products.

Director Pakoa said Vanuatu would like to continue to strengthen its relations with United Arab Emirates government as it is a business hub, not only in terms of diplomatic relations but business development such as tourism as well.


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