The Director General (DG) of the Ministry of Lands (MOL), Arthur Faerua, has been suspended due to certain allegations against him.

This was confirmed by the Public Service Commission (PSC) yesterday.

PSC said the DG was suspended since last week due to allegations that were made by the Minister of Lands, Edward Nalyal Molou.

DG Faerua is on suspension pending the results of an investigation into the allegations against him.

He is expected to respond to the investigation report before the Commission will decide on the end of his suspension period, according to PSC.

In his respond, DG Faerua said he is surprised that the minister made the allegations when he has taken office at the ministry for just over three months.

He said he believes his suspension is politically motivated however, he said noted all allegations against him and will be responding to them with supporting facts and documents.

He conveyed allegations were about unsatisfactory performance, handling of human resource issues, conflict of interest matters, handling of land acquisition process at the Government Wharf area and handling of ministerial travel matters.

He said has scored very well in his performance appraisals of 2019 and 2020 undertaken by PSC thus, his new contract was signed in May this year.

DG Faerua added that he respect the role of PSC and comply with all its directives as the Employer.

He is hopeful that once this matter is resolved, he is ready to continue to serve the Minister and his Cabinet and give him all the support and resources to further government policies.

This is not the first time for the DG to be suspended. He was suspended on allegations relating to administration and procedural matters within the ministry last year.


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