Prime Minister Bob Loughman officially launched the Department of Strategic Policy, Planning and Aid Coordination (DSPPAC)’s official website, Mobile Policy App, Independence 40th anniversary theme song and the Prime Minister’s Award this week.

The Director General to the PM’s office, Gregoire Nimbtik said the products launched reflects the country’s maturity as well, and the people must continue to demonstrate this.

He explained the DSPPAC website will enable the public to observe and understand what DSPPAC is doing in addressing all development coordination within the country. He said the Mobile Policy app, a first for the government, is an online app where citizens can access via online information on the government policies.

The DG also mentioned the PM’s Award is a prestigious award to Ni-vans for their tremendous input and achievements within the local communities and the theme song is a song selected by few songwriters who participated in a competition.

In his address, PM Loughman said 40 years is a time for skills, reasoning and wisdom adding that 40 years indicates our maturity.

“From the 90s to up to the year 2000, we developed the Rural Economic Development Initiative, a form of planning process, and now we have the National Sustainable Development Plan (NSDP) which ensures everyone can voice their opinion and participate effectively in advancing development.

“These products will enable public servants to advocate their skills effectively in guiding them as well as paving the way forward for our future generations.

This will better upgrade their understanding more on the government’s work towards the future. This launching is a form of ensuring the government in meeting you at your doorsteps.

I am encouraging all Ministries to tap in as well to ensure that from TORBA down to TAFEA province, everyone can be aware of the government’s programs and better yet, understand their policies so we can move forward together in developing our country.”

The PM added the products are an enhancement to the Right to Information Bill to ensure information is readily available for citizens.

“As we prepare to cross over to our 40th anniversary, we should prepare ourselves also towards the next,” he said.

“It is a decision that we must undertake in providing us with decisions and tools that will enable us to be successful when crossing over. As we cross over, it is paramount that we should not leave anyone behind.

“On a high note, I would like to acknowledge the previous government for developing the NSDP plan of the government.

This year is a year of transition. As we continue to advocate the implementation of the NSDP plan, our participation must be important. I encourage everyone to download the mobile policy app, so they can follow up on the government’s plan.

“As we about to enter our 40th year, I would like to acknowledge as well our officers, through their previous struggles, current struggles to ensure we prepare ourselves towards the future.

This year, the President will also be awarding few public servants from different categories for their services, in their walks of life.

Delivering an effective input towards the community is where you get rewarded. The PM’s Award is a medal for such recognitions.”

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