Cyclone recovery continues on Futuna

Villagers on Futuna are assisting each other to rebuild fallen homes and damaged canoes. Photo: Futuna Area Council

Almost three months after tropical cyclones Judy and Kevin, communities on Futuna are still trying to recover.

The Futuna Area Administrator, Isom Nemei, said all six communities are implementing their own action plans. He said the main activities are footpath clearances so roads to the gardens are now accessible and they can replant their food, thanks to assistance from the Futuna Area Council.{div class=”gmail-Ar gmail-Au gmail-Ao”}{div class=”gmail-Am gmail-Al editable gmail-LW-avf gmail-tS-tW gmail-tS-tY”}Nemei said the people of the Ipao community have cleared their section of the footpath to ensure their children have access to return to school.

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