Both coronavirus cases still active: PM

There has been no indication of community transmission, says PM Loughman

Day 5 test results have indicated that the two coronavirus cases in quarantine are still active, the Prime Minister (PM), Bob Loughman, announced in yesterday’s press conference.

“They will be transferred to the Isolation ward at the Vila Central Hospital. We are yet to know if the cases are Delta variant or not,” he said.

“We have requested an urgent test overseas to confirm this.

“The frontline workers who went into quarantine as a precautionary measure have been released from quarantine, after completing Day 5 test. The 14 days requirement is not necessary as the risk of them getting infected is very low.”

According to the Acting Director General (DG) of the Ministry of Health (MOH), Dr. Samuel Posikai, 19 potential contacts were quarantined and tested.

All their results came back negative, he said. He added that the cases were supposed to be relocated to the Isolation Ward yesterday afternoon.

PM Loughman commended the frontline workers who were on shift during that time of the flight and have willingly went into quarantine.

“This include staff from Immigration, Customs, Biosecurity, Transport, Health and airline crews. I commend them for taking this precautionary measure,” he said.

“There has been no evidence of any breach of the quarantine process. There has been no close contact to date.

“The cases are contained in quarantine and there is no indication of community transmission. There is no lockdown in Port Vila and no restriction on domestic travel.

“Efate and all offshore islands are at Level 1 (cases at the border) while other islands are at Level 0 (Low).”

Members of the public are urged to respect the privacy of everyone in quarantine and the two latest positive cases.

The public will be made aware should there be any change in the current situation, said the PM.

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