The bad road conditions in the eastern part of Epi is a continuous challenge for the people on the island.

The ongoing bad weather makes the road dangerous and unpleasant for drivers who have to drive with extra care. For drivers and passengers, it is a bumpy ride all the way.

Vehicles are often stuck in wide potholes filled with muddy rain water. Some drivers took time to dig up the mud to allow water to drain but sometimes vehicles could not reach destinations.

Constant driving on bad road conditions can damage vehicles and accelerate maintenance costs. Potholes can also cause damage to tires, which is costly.

Like other islands in Vanuatu, people on Epi have to walk or travel long distances to access public services.

The current bad condition makes traveling uncomfortable for drivers and users.

Only some parts of the road on the island are cemented. While they are often difficult to maintain due to limited resources, it is the only main means for the communities to transport goods and people.

The island’s road network needs to be upgraded to be in a serviceable condition, to meet the needs of the people.


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