The Fijians that have either migrated or travelled to Vanuatu on a business or tourist visa are now adamant to remain in the country because they prefer Vanuatu to Fiji.

As the boarder opens and flights resumes, they will only go for holidays and return to Vanuatu. These are some Fijians who would love to go spend holiday in Fiji but they favor Vanuatu.

The president of the Fijian community in Vanuatu, Mosese Vereti said there are around 70% of Fijians who will be spending their Christmas holiday in Vanuatu.

Mr. Vereti added some of the Fijians will be leaving for Fiji on the 24th and others will be leaving on the 4th of December.

He has been living in Vanuatu with his Family for 10 years and is planning on gaining his citizenship at the end of this year.

Mr. Vereti added that he loves living in Vanuatu as the life here is simple, peaceful and better.

Furthermore, an elderly female Walesi Andrew, has been living in Vanuatu for over 20 years.

She got married to a Ni-Vanuatu husband in 2010 and applied for her citizenship in 2011. Mrs. Andrew is fully vaccinated and would love to go visit her home country if the boarder opens.

She said that in Fiji, the population is higher and the living standard is different from Vanuatu which is why she is very fond of living in this country.

Fijian born Joshua Raquaqua added that he has been living in Vanuatu for 2 years with his elder sister.

Mr. Raquaqua is fully vaccinated and is now waiting to fly home with his sister in January.

“As a young boy my life has changed for the better when I came to Vanuatu as I started to live a religious life,” he said. “I have no interest in going back to Fiji but I must go see my Family. Life here is much better.”


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