Mi Harem Se VAN2017 has closed with a well-rounded effort from TEAM VANUATU, with more medals then previously achieved and lots of Personal Best times and finishes being experienced. Seems the Chinese Project to have our Athletes really paid off. Thank You China…Silip!!

Mi Harem Se VAN2017 was not all about the athletes but also the support staff and the good citizens of Vanuatu who got out in droves to support all the disciplines on offer. Vanuatu’s reputation to be able to deliver was weighed and measured and it most certainly was NOT FOUND WANTING…Silip!!

Mi Harem Se some senior banking exec’s discovered what an experience can be had when they went round for round with a local cowboy down at their local during the week, we have been assured that everyone got home safely, though one suspects their wives may have been less than impressed, what with the cowboy publicly taking full responsibility, this would surely alleviate any concerns their partners may of exhibited….NOT… Merry Xmas Lads…Silip!!

Mi Harem Se concerns are rife in the tourism sector with no action being forthcoming with our runways, been lots of talk and little or no action. While Rome burns as they say in the classics… Silip!!

Mi Harem Se lots of Chinese investments on Pentecost are currently being reported of land being purchased with Kava crops already established seems like our Chinese friends have found a friend in Kava… one can only wonder is it for export or just to assist the LOCAL economy???... Silip!!

Mi Harem Se it didn’t take long for us all to conform to the newly introduced VAN2017 traffic rules and conditions enforced by both the police and municipal wardens alike, now one can only ask one’s self can we continue with this welcomed type of traffic policing or will we get back to our old ways on Monday… Silip!!

Mi Harem Se January is near and so too are our roadworthy inspections, are we going to see the same debacle as last year or is the PWD going to come out with some clear direction in conjunction with Customs that we do need to have it done and completed by end of march 2018… remember last year we have all been warned so buckle up and expect a tough assessment of your motor vehicle and don’t forget your insurances need to be paid as well...Silip!!

Mi Harem Se a friendly reminder all businesses that all our respective licences are due end of this month, so we all have till the end of January to comply or the usual fines will apply…Silip!!

Mi Harem Se all its quiet on the western front regarding allegations levelled towards Roughtons Rorting of the road and drainage upgrade. Seems like it’s easier to let 2.4 billion be ripped from our development project and fleece the citizens of much needed improvements then it is to make a comment regarding the lack of oversight displayed by the group concerned. Isn’t someone watching them and holding them accountable???...Silip!!

Mi Harem Se the guard is changing with the Chinese passing the baton on to the Philippine’s with regard to providing general labourers. This has been highlighted with the group of Phiilipino workers clearing the land manually between Kia Motors and WWW store opposite Tana Ruset complex with not a local on-site one can only but wonder… Silip!!

Mi Harem Se many thought it would be a big ask to host the VAN2017 and Fest’ Napuan at the same time in the same area but one must freely acknowledge that both events went off extremely well and guaranteed a myriad of entertainment for locals and visitors alike, just goes to show what can be achieved with vision, leadership, proper prior planning and a dedicated team to make it all happen… Silip!!

Mi Harem Se the huge Chinese suburb being built out past Tamanu is going mostly unnoticed, one wonders what they are trying to achieve and who is responsible? Whatever, it is still a sight for sore eyes and if you are bored go for a drive and take a look for yourself, no entrance fee so enjoy the drive to see what a suburb being built really looks like… Silip!!

Mi Harem Se back to the real world on Monday, a world without VAN2017 but we still have a motion of no confidence to be dealt with and licences to pay and hopefully some Government employees to process all these daily needs we the normal citizens of Vanuatu have to comply with, then of course we have Santa then New year’s eve then we have 2018… enjoy your weekend and stay safe…Silip!!

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