o Mi harem se the Municipal toilets on the seafront are being used by a local who shins over the gate that is closed and locked at night and uses the place to crash the night. Hey he has toilet, shower and a strong roof over his head but after being kicked out a number of times it is becoming a habit. Could think of better places to squat. Ho hum squat getit! Silip!

o Mi harem se after the bus drivers' court victory over the wharf, problems and arguments are starting again when cruise ships are in town.Will it ever end? Silip!

o Mi harem se a Chinese man has been seen changing Aussie dollars for vatu at the mamas market on cruise ship days at the wharf. Wonder if he has VIPA approval for a money exchange business. The dobber doubts it very much. Silip!

o Mi harem se a high profile French businessman in the brewing industry is reportedly facing problems with his residency permit after staff dobbed him in to labour over allegations of how they were being treated. The ex Union leader MP got involved and pressure has mounted for government to take action against him. The dobber suggests govt officials meet with him over a keg of beer and sort this drama out as some brewery staff are hardly being loyal and are unlikely to be earning themselves many brownie points for trying to get their boss kicked out.The days of the green letters are long gone. Don’t start it up again. Silip!

o Mi harem se the froggy wife of a general manager was seen to having one hell of a party with half a dozen local guys without her hubby knowing. Mi harem se it could have been a great black and white porn video. Silip!

o Mi harem se a shocking Youtube video of rubbish on Iririki is circulating around reportedly taken by an environmentalist. It looks like a rubbish dump. Mi harem se the fault lies with SHEFA not collecting rubbish and allowing it to grow to a size that is embarrassing. They have been burning plastic and rubbish to the extent that it looks like a volcano smoking from town. Rubbish collection is becoming a growing concern and SHEFA need to get their act together kwiktaem to assist Irirki with it’s rubbish. Silip!

o Mi harem se there is a new owner of Anchor House next to the Waterfront. Tenants have said that the previous owner tried to get new rental agreements and took all the toilet paper out of the building before it changed hands. What a shitty thing to do. Silip!

o Mi harem se it looks like some bright spark at RMS has decided to put a bus stop opposite Tana Ruset only 100 metres from an existing bus stop. Wonder how much of the budget will that take. The dobber has heard that nearly 60% of the entire road building budget has been used on design and administration fees which may explain why they are only going to complete half of what they tendered for a job they should have completed a long time ago. Silip!

o Mi harem se concerns are growing that there are too many billboards in town with more and more being erected making Vila look ugly for tourists. Municipality need to get more control over this growing problem. The amount of sandwich boards on pedestrian pavements in Vila has also rocketed along with Chinese stores putting stuff out on the pavement in front of their shops which is not on as it can block public access as the populations grows. Silip!

o Mi harem se cruise ships will start visiting Havannah harbour and Lelepa island in 2020. Residents may be excited but 2000 party mad cruise ship visitors let loose over night may cause some unwanted disturbances in the quiet Havannah harbour community. It could spur on more development with tours, cafes, beach water sports, hiking adventures etc likely need to be set up to take advantage of this development. Havannah harbour will likely grow quite quickly as a result. Silip!

o 16 November 2015, Croatia) Bojan Bešić was a petty criminal who spent much of his life in prisons. A small-time crook with a police dossier as extensive as the literary works of Tolstoy, Bojan's career was marked by persistence rather than success. For example, death letters persistently sent to his ex-girlfriend landed the criminal 'mastermind' in Pula to serve an eight-month sentence, adding to a cumulative 5 years already spent behind bars. During his incarceration, Bojan's behavior was so 'outstanding' that on a fateful Monday the prison guards locked him in a padded cell in solitary confinement. Little did they suspect that the cool-down time would leave him literally more hot-headed than before. The brilliant prisoner had managed to smuggle a lighter into the rubber room! Both hands were cuffed behind his back, but that did not prevent our persistent pal from retrieving the lighter and flicking the Bic. Captured on video, at 3:35PM, Bojan strikes the lighter and purposely starts a fire near the door. The video, tactfully edited, shows the euphoria of the moment as the rubber wall begins to ablaze. As he nonchalantly swaggers around his tomb, the fire grows. Suddenly panic sets in as Bojan realizes that suffocation is imminent! What a surprise.The prison guards were really not expecting the cell to burst into flames, and why would they? They noticed the smoky situation too late to save the prisoner from himself, making The Case Of The Charred Crook the first prisoner death in the history of the country. At 25 years of age, the only brilliant thing he ever did was in the way he killed himself! Silip!

o (20 February 2018, Poland) After a road collision near Stary Krzew, two men emerged from their damaged cars and began arguing. The argument grew into a physical fight...then shrank down to bloodstains on the asphalt when the men lurched into the adjacent lane of traffic. A lorry weighed in on the fight, permanently terminating the road-rage between a 29-year-old from Krakow and a 40-year-old from Zambrów. Silip!

o (25 March 2017, Mexico) Standing on a truck on an airport runway in Chíhuahua, in northern Mexico, Nitzia and Clarissa chose a regrettable location for a cell phone selfie. Ms. Corral, 18, and Ms. Miranda, 17, were attending horse races that were held on a track adjacent to the runway. According to the Diario de Chíhuahua, the noise of the races and the desire for a new profile picture distracted the young women. They did not hear the motor of the descending aircraft, and the wing of the small plane struck and killed them instantly.Silip!

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