Me Harem Se 2016 has ended and 2017 is looming guess even the Dobber at least got that right Silip!!

Me Harem Se Santa was well looked after on Xmas after Rudolph blew a tube and Promedic were called to the scene to find the red nose turned blue after a time the color was restored and surprise even Santa has family membership so perhaps as a resolution for 2017 you should too Silip!!

Me Harem Se many in the private sector are excited that 2016 is ending after what many call a horror year. The threat of new taxes, runway closures and next to no tourists has seen a tough time for the sector, at least going into 2017 we have been buoyed by the news of Chinese investor confidence, new terminal upgraded runways and first flight from Asia being scheduled for October 2017. Fingers crossed we get what we see and some squirrel doesn’t take it from us at the finish line. Silip!!

Me Harem Se that the DP and Buzz is on the move in 2017 with huge expansion plans, could be interesting times for listeners and readers alike, when all around them are retiring into their shells the team is pushing to provide the best service, news and entertainment available in the country, Silip!!

Me Harem Se the Black bull whilst tussling with the White elephant about proposed terminal and runway expansions has explained to media that he is tired of the chicken and egg theory and says that the government is going to build the bloody egg and see what sort of a chicken we get, finally a more positive approach to development which should give private sector renewed confidence Silip!!

Me Harem Se looks like the GPS tracker must have had time off over the Xmas period with many G cars and trucks doing anything but government work, perhaps this needs to be revisited in the New Year with many still having to use G11, no need to track those plates. Silip!!

Me Harem Se 2016 will go down as being the quietest Xmas in memory with people embracing the festive season in a way not previously seen, finally we can enjoy these times without feeling threatened. Silip!!

Me Harem Se one well known developer has discovered his wife has milked him in more ways than one and was forced to ask her if he was going to be invited to the house warming after he discovered she was building a nice new house on a nice new estate, still confusion if he is being invited at time of going to print. Gotta watchem Silip!!

Me Harem Se December has been a month of cruise ships, even the buses are getting tired, seems keep them working every day is the best way to quite them, even the wharf is under control finally. Silip!!

Me Harem Se Banyan bar is doing it different on New Year’s, with a veal on a spit bread rolls and lots of drinks, talk about a budget New Years. Silip!!

Me Harem Se a certain media Executive has finally found true love, some say it’s the 20th time this year but fingers crossed the dapper executive can keep onto it till at least until the new year. Silip!!

Me Harem Se the Dobber wishes everyone a safe and great week with the welcoming in of a prosperous New Year to us all here in Vanuatu, play safe and stay safe and we are back bigger better and bolder in 2017 Silip!!

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