• Mi Harem Se “Blue Sky” abounds in Vanuatu with the release of the “Rainbow City” Vanuatu promotional video, WOW!!! What a revelation that a block of land with absolutely no water frontage can feature such beautiful sandy beaches and no coral, such vision and design, didn’t realise we had so many sheep in the various departments that approved this one, talk about wool blind!… Silip!

• Mi Harem Se silence reigns supreme at the Airports still no action and still another year ticks over, how long can the current runway stand up to the traffic, surely the lads need a gentle push to get a wriggle on and make this happen, remember if the foot is not on the throttle then the movement stops, I wonder who put the choke on this one!... Silip!

• Mi Harem Se CCECC is making hard work of the new MG site, first they scratched like chickens then they went for the hammer approach, guess they have found out just how hard limestone really is, one things for sure their neighbours are definitely not happy… Silip!

• Mi Harem Se plans are underway for the big regional soccer tournament that is due to start in February followed by the Melanesian games, so looks like the sporting venues put here for the VAN2017 are not shaping up as “White elephants” just yet, but don’t stray too far from the herd after all the spotlight is still on you!...Silip!

• Mi Harem Se one high level businessman thought because he was with the law then he was above the law, seems like Vanuatu has finally grown up and decided that it doesn’t matter who you are if you break the law then you are obliged to answer to the law!...Silip!

• Mi Harem Se despite recent rumours RMS may not be coming back it would seem that we have confirmation some new RMS exec’s in town allegedly for a six month stint, now that is some seriously good news, even the Dobber likes to be proved wrong or are they just here on holidays!...Silip!

• Mi Harem Se news has travelled fast, near far and wide that Vanuatu not only is a tourist destination but the single most advanced in the region for traffic flow, with the advent of the newly acclaimed, award winning “Half About” flow has never been the same with the new safety conscious design creating a new found enthusiasm to motorists and tourist alike finally Roughtons have got it right!..Silip!

• Mi Harem Se even the Kava Price has risen, reasons cited by one expert was the increase in VAT rising from 12.5% to 15% and the increase in the minimum wage, so it’s not only affecting the kitchen but also the cost of living in the nakamals!...Silip!

• Mi Harem Se a taxi driver has been seen sporting a new watch from Christmas until now, only problem is there are no shops near Ronnie’s nakamals that sell these watches, is this a case of wrong place wrong time or is this just yet another example of a man playing reverse Santa !…Silip!

• Mi Harem Se straight after the reshuffle our PM boarded for China, guess the resources were not available at the “Palace” let’s see what next week brings, seems like the fox may of finally got into the hen house!...Silip!

• Mi Harem Se with no votes of no confidence but lots of horse trading, the chair is not even warm in Fridays latest reshuffle, looks like this may be the first of many, surely stability is not only maintaining a government but the people in it, moving people into these positions for political stability rather than on merit can be nothing short of catastrophic for a country that is already on its knees, it begs the question how much is it worth to a single individual to put the entire country and its future for years to come in jeopardy can we not put the toys back into the cot please!... Silip!

• Mi Harem Se the current Rumours going round that the PM is China bound for Medical attention can only highlight our inadequate health system, surely the previous minister could not of failed in two weeks and if you were really sick as a MP why would you go to Australia or New Zealand which boasts far greater medical services then China will ever have, smells a tad fishy this one…Silip!

• Mi Harem Se that a certain Captain of vessel involved in assisting the cruise ships had a tad too much merriment during the festive season and as a result was forced to take a snooze and as a result the direction of the push for the Cruise Ship was off and the Ship ended up literally in the new wharf which is now in need of repair, even Ifira are asking who is going to pay and why are we all not more accountable?...Silip!

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