• Mi Harem Se even the best travelled can get it wrong, Tuesday a frequent traveller to Vanuatu thought he was in Port Vila when they landed in Pekoa and he alighted with the rest of the Santo Arrivals. Wasn’t till he went to retrieve his luggage that a most helpful AVL staff advised him he was actually on Santo and the plane was gone, all ended well with Air Van getting him on the next available to Vila. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se URA will be targeting fuel and gas after March if the proposed new legislation goes through. Finally looks like someone has been listening with fuel prices being at the behest of the quasi monopoly for way too long, now someone will look after the public’s interest. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se VUI accepted their haircut from the regulator this week gracefully giving the people of Sanma a much needed break in power costs, UNELCO’s turn in March/April let’s see if they accept what the URA is going to give them or will there be yet another court case. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se RMS are trying their level best to get around all the problems they are having with the roads and footpaths with all guttering and drainage, the Dobber had an exclusive with one who after giving a litany of excuses ended up by quite candidly telling him it was nothing more than one big cluster %$, the Dobber couldn’t agree more. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se too many projects not enough cement trucks, it wasn’t that long ago that we had next to zero such trucks, imagine if the wharf, seafront and road works had been done old school, wow that would create some jobs. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se seems like we have not read the Labour Act lately, quite clearly it spells out who can do what jobs in Vanuatu, List of occupational activities declared under section 9 of the Labour (Work Permits) Act as reserved for citizens. Lest we forget here it is. Able seaman/ordinary seaman, Bricklayer, Bus driver, Clerical supervisor, Dock worker and freight handler, Driver, Earth moving and related machinery operator, Hotel Receptionist, Housemaid/domestic worker, Joiner, Lorry and van driver, Mason, Painter, Portable saw miller, Receptionist, Street vendor, Typist, Waiter/waitress/bar tender. Looks like to me at least someone needs to reinforce this. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se debate is raging over the Chinese Kava Bar owned by a new Ni-Vanuatu citizen; every free country around the world allows overseas immigrants to take up citizenship in their respective countries. The main criteria is that the person or person’s taking up the citizenship are not a burden to the state and will in fact work to contribute to make it a better place. If you don’t like the kava bar then simply don’t go to it, support your local and let them either go broke or prosper depending on who supports him, stop looking to the government to fix what you can fix yourself, just don’t go to his kava bar. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se tenders are supposed to be transparent, how come the World Bank is holding up the sign off for our new runway upgrade? Talk has it they didn’t get their preferred contractor so they threw their toys out of the cot, makes no sense, talk about while Rome burns. Why tender it in the first place if they have made up their minds even before the process has been completed? Silip!

• Mi Harem Se Congratulations are in order for Vanuatu’s first Female ATR pilot, Miss Marae you are a role model to all Ni-Vanuatu women well done and next stop Boeing. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se confusion reigned in Port Vila Harbour on Friday when we had our illustrious tug boat standing guard at Malopoa Point while the cruise ship was doing wheelies in Mele Bay, nothing like a westerly to get all mariners on guard. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se Voodoo and Anchor won’t quite be the same with the untimely passing of the owner last Monday, RIP Phil. Silip!

• Mi Harem Se VTO is not being a team player and offering representation to all members of the Tourism sector with the non- inclusion of TOA in the last three campaigns. TOA has over 40 members, all owner operators. Who cares for them certainly not VTO, how can an industry grow if the VTO does not include all those in the industry? Silip!

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